Giving you a place to discover, connect  and  get 
ready for your best RV and camping adventures.

Giving you a place to discover, connect and get ready for your best RV and camping adventures.

Join E3 Camping for your complete RV education and camping resource!
Plus, discover new places to travel, meet other genuine members and explore everything your E3 Camping membership provides!
E3 Camping members set the bar for responsible RVing. We lead by example, leave it better than we found it and help everyone RV safely while having fun.
Let’s get out there!

Join E3 Camping for your complete RV education and camping resource!

Plus, discover new places to travel, meet other genuine members and explore everything your E3 Camping membership provides!

E3 Camping members set the bar for responsible RVing. We lead by example, leave it better than we found it and help everyone RV safely while having fun.

Let’s get out there!

Marc and Tricia Leach
Co-Founders and Host,  E3 Camping Association

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Proprietary tools and content to empower your camping Journey


RVing video, audios and live content with hundreds of topics


Let’s Go Far, Together


Marc and Tricia of Keep Your Day Dream
RVing and camping is an exciting adventure, but it’s also serious business. There can be a lot of uncertainty, misinformation and limited resources making the learning curve longer than it has to be. Your E3 Camping membership eliminates the guesswork and will help you build confidence quickly to RV like a pro! Don’t risk making common RV newbie mistakes or squander money on products you don’t need. Instead, discover how your E3 membership can elevate your RVing experience today! 


Whether you are an RV camping expert or just getting started...

You'll enjoy the personalization our proprietary platform and process  brings to your needs and aspirations. 

E3 Camping delivers best-in-class, vetted education, member experiences, and an online platform, along with our tools, partner discount deals, and much more.

As an E3 Camping Member, You’ll Also Tap Into:

  • Convenience of Online Courses
  • ​Advanced Camping Strategies
  • ​Camping Member Events
  • Exclusive Member Areas
  • Private Q&A Calls with Marc & Tricia
  • ​and much, much more…

We Guarantee It... 100% Satisfaction

Your membership will be expanding every month, but if you don’t feel empowered, educated or entertained, just send an email and we will cancel your membership right away, no further billing, no questions asked. And ... we will even let you keep access to the complementary portion of the program. No contracts. No risk. No questions asked.*



There will always be something new to explore within your E3 Camping membership.

Take the guesswork out of your journey so you can focus on what’s really important while having peace of mind with E3 Camping resources, downloads and checklist.

Take advantage of member-only discounts with E3 Camping partners and special promotions that only you will get, plus your name will be automatically enrolled in product giveaways.

Share your journey and success stories with other E3 Campers members so we all can grow together and find some of the best places to camp. We’re all a local somewhere and the best places are usually off the beaten path! Let’s explore together!

As an E3 Camping Member, you’ll also tap into:

  • ​Podcasts and Interviews
  • Member Discounts on Products
  • In-person Time with Marc & Tricia at Events
  • ​and much, much more…


Meet your Camping Guides, MARC & TRICIA LEACH.  

Press play and discover how E3 Camping Association will elevate your RV experience

There is no better way to explore and make amazing memories than traveling by RV! It’s hard to believe that it almost didn’t happen because we were waiting for the perfect time or perfect setup.

Now that we’ve traveled by RV almost 200,000 miles, 4 countries and 47 states, we want to help you get started and enjoy the outdoors even more! RVing won’t always be easy, but you’ll never regret making it happen! With the proper training, you can be prepared and make the road a little smoother.

Join us by becoming a member of E3 Camping and get ready for your next adventure in life!

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Let’s Go Far, Together!

E3 Camping members set the bar for responsible RVing. We lead by example, leave no trace and help everyone RV safely while having fun!

As Trish says, if you want to fast, go alone. But if you want to far, go together! RVing is all about going far and exploring new places while meeting genuine people. Through connecting with other E3 Members, we can enrich our camping experience and make the world feel a little smaller.

You don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of camping when you’re surrounded by members that are willing to help you.

If we waited until we were ready, we’d still be at home!
Below are just a few things you’ll learn from other members.

• The best places to travel and camp
• How to plan your trip like a pro
• Know exactly what to expect before you go!
• E3 Camping app with points of interests
• Member product reviews and feedback
• Learn from each others mistakes through transparency
• Follow a system that makes sense

Get Started Today with Just 3 Easy Steps…

1. Enroll

Get connected with Marc & Tricia and other like-minded campers.

2. Engage

Tons of valuable real-world camping advice in various forms.

3. Explore!

Put what you uncover into action camping!

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  • The E3 Camping Magazine
  • Online Training Courses, Videos 
  • Member Day Events  
  • Industry and E3 Member Calendar
  • E3TV Live Streaming Private Channel
  • 15% OFF Yearly Conferences and Events


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  • New Content, Courses, Magazines and Events Every Month
  • Advanced 12 Courses and 54 Lessons
  • Monthly E3 Camping Interactive Magazine
  • 35% Discounts OFF all Events
  • Behind the Scenes Videos and Extras
  •  E3 Member Calendar - Marc & Tricia's  Travel Included
  • Live Experts Group Calls
  • Live Q&A Calls with Marc & Tricia & Guest Experts
  • E3TV Live Streaming TV Channel
  • Live Webinar with Industry Pros
  • Online Library-Treasure Trove, Tools, Tips and More
  • Weekly Topic Talk Email
  • Live In-Person Events Hosted by Marc & Tricia 
  • Yearly Product Gift Box
  • Monthly Release of New Courses and Lessons
  • Massive Product Discounts from E3 Partners
  • And so Much More!

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  • Everything Included in Standard & Premium PLUS:
  • 50% OFF Yearly International Conferences
  • Priority Placement Questions for Live Calls, Streams and Webinars 
  • Dedicated Private Concierge Priority Access to Experts, Coaches and Team
  • Private Exclusive Luxury Travel Trips with  Industry Pros
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E3 Camping is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every monthly membership.

Still on the fence? 
Here are a few questions we get asked ...

Is E3 Camping a forum? NO.
E3 Camping is a membership program. A platform to provide trusted information from Marc & Tricia Leach and other industry professionals. New content will be added each month and your membership will be expanding forever.

Who are the industry professionals and experts?
The hosts of E3 Camping are Marc & Tricia Leach with Keep Your Daydream. They are also the co-owners of E3 Camping Association and committed to your satisfaction. There are other industry experts as well that will contribute in their area of expertise. All the content in your membership is vetted to ensure you will have safe and reliable information.

How is the E3 Camping membership both live and online?
Camping and community go hand in hand. Connecting with other E3 members is a key component to your membership and you can do that through live Q&A calls, live expert interviews, webinars, member-only trips, meet-ups and the E3 annual conference.
Why is the membership monthly?
The unique feature of E3 Camping is that it never ends. You will receive new courses and content every month to keep your E3 Camping membership accurate, current and fresh. Your membership goes beyond just the content and courses. The live events such as Q&A calls, webinars and livestreams will add additional value to your membership and will always be on-going.

Why does it cost any money at all?
To provide the highest level of quality and trusted information, the E3 team consists of professionals in every category from membership platforms, videography, editing, copywriting and articles. Through paid memberships, we’re able to invest in new tools, hire new professionals and create new programs each month to add value to your membership. 

How often will new content be released?
You’ll receive new content every month including new courses, articles, podcasts, and audio messages regularly. Plus, you’ll have access to E3 Camping TV, which is our own TV series with new episodes monthly.

Can I cancel my membership at any time? YES.
E3 Camping is a no obligation program. If you don’t feel empowered, educated or entertained, you can cancel anytime. Email us at We're here to help each other, so send us a message. We’d like to know why, so we can improve, but if you want to cancel, we'll cancel no problem.

How can we participate in content ideas and get questions answered?
Just email if you have questions for an upcoming Q&A, podcasts or webinar. We respond to every email in a timely manner and want to hear from all E3 Camping Members.

What is the E3 Association?

E3 Association is the purveyor of outstanding memberships. We are the engine behind the E3 Brands including E3 Firearms, E3 Offroad, E3 Overland and E3 Camping. Our mission is simple - and in our name - to Empower, Educate and Entertain. The brand platform gives E3 Camping the ability provide top of the line education while making a positive impact on our members and the RV industry. Collectively, the E3 brands work together to develop partnerships with premier vendors that offer our members special deals and help them save money. 


E3 Camping is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every monthly membership. Team Rubicon is an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. Founded in 2010 with the expressed goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the United States and world to provide relief to communities in need.

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